Cardio Weight Lifting – A Better Way for Women to Reduce Fat and Lose Weight

Cardio Weight Lifting – Getting Faster Results

cardio weight liftingCardio weight lifting…ever heard the phrase?  If you’re like most women, you know what cardio is and are familiar with lifting weights.  But to put cardio and weight training together is like mixing water and oil.

Well before you brush off the concept, let me explain what cardio weight lifting is and why doing it is a better way when it comes to fat loss for women and their goal of losing weight.

Meaning of Cardio Weight Lifting

First of all, what does cardio weight lifting mean?

It means performing resistance training in such a way that not only are you lifting weight to work the muscles, but you are doing your exercises in a manner that is developing your cardiovascular system.  In other words you are doing your weight training in a fashion that is causing you to breathe heavy and get your heart rate elevated.

To achieve this goal, what has to happen is that you are working out at a moderate to high intensity level.  You are lifting weights that require a good deal of effort and there is no rest between exercises.

If you’ve ever been to a “Bodypump” Class at your local gym, you have a great example of a cardio weight training workout if the students’ intensity level is high enough.  This is because in those classes, they are lifting weights, in continuous movements with no rest in between moves…at least not until the song being played has finished.

Having taken some of those classes, I can definitely say they get your heart pumping and you are breathing heavy by the time they are done.  And, if you’re lifting a weight that is challenging for your moves, then your muscles will be talking to you as well.

You can achieve this same goal in a workout you do by yourself simply by doing exercises together in groups of 3 using a moderately heavy weight.  This type of routine is commonly referred to as a type of circuit training.

Cardio Weight Lifting Workout Example

Do 10 to 12 repetitions of the first exercise then move onto the next.  One round of performing each exercise would be a set.  Perform 3 sets without any rest in between the moves.  When you complete the 3 sets, take a 45 to 60 second rest and then move immediately onto the next group of exercises.

By completing this routine you can easily see how the cardio and weight lifting routine is combined together.

Now, while all this information is good to have, you may be wondering how it will help and why this is a better way for women to get rid of the fat and lose weight quick.  I definitely don’t to want to leave you hanging, so keep reading and I’ll explain a few of the reasons why cardio weight lifting is a better option for female fat loss.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the best way to get to transform your body and display a look of fitness and health is to build muscle and lose fat.  Doing so describes an approach of fat loss vs. weight loss.

One manner to help achieve the fat loss is, and if you’ve been on this site before you know this answer :0), take in less calories than you burn.  Obviously, one manner to do this is to pay attention to your nutrition and consider following a fat loss diet.

Cardio Weight Training Benefits

However, there are ways to accelerate results and that’s where doing a cardio weight training routine will help. It does so in several ways and here are five of them:

  • Cardio increases the heart rate which burns more calories than your body does at rest.
  • High Intensity cardiovascular work that elevates your heart rate closer to its maximum for an extended period of time creates an “oxygen deficit.”  The details behind what that means will be reserved for another post.  For now just know that a short description means your body play “catch up” after that kind of workout.  As a result, it continues to burn more calories for an extended period of time, even after your training is through in order to get back to a normal, aka “steady” state.
  • Weight lifting routines or resistance training that builds muscle or adds lean muscle mass helps increase the body’s metabolic rate.  In other words, the more muscle you have, the more energy that is necessary for it to function.  Energy to fuel your body comes in the form of calories and therefore, you burn more calories just to do normal activities.
  • Added muscle that stems from cardio weight lifting routines go a long way to simply redesigning your body.  The cool thing about increasing muscle tissue in your body is that the firm and shapely figure that your new muscle contributes to gives an appearance of a large amount of weight loss, even if the scale doesn’t necessarily support such a big decrease in the loss of fat.
  • Cardio weight lifting helps improve your fitness, health, and strength.  This allows your body to function more optimally, improves your immune system, and helps you get stronger to work harder.  The more efficient, healthy, and stronger your body is…the more activities you can do on a consistent basis with higher effort or intensity.  And trust me, when you’re feeling good physically and mentally you become a super-charged battery that could even out do the Energizer Bunny.

Watch this video for a sample cardio weight training routine you can try – Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with a 30 second rest in between moves.

Based on this information, as you can see, cardio weight training offers quite a few benefits for women looking to lose fat.  And when it comes to getting results, cardio weight lifting is a much better way to achieve weight loss than cardio or strength training would provide on its own.

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