Extreme Fat Loss – Discover a Diet to Lose 25 Pounds of Fat in 25 Days

Extreme Fat Loss – Are You Up for a Challenge?

extreme fat lossExtreme fat loss…just the sound of it makes me shudder.  Want to know why???

Well, first of all when I think of the phrase, it brings me back to the fat loss program I tried that was titled just that, “Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.”  And I have to tell you, that program WAS quite the challenge.

The other reason why I catch my breath when I hear that phrase is because I know all of the work, effort, and dedication that is required to get those kinds of results, which again is what the program is called the “Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.”

Please, let me explain.

See, just as I have mentioned before.  Fat loss via a healthy diet and exercise, no matter how you look at it, is still about burning more calories than you are consuming.

Now, take into account the fact that when it comes to fat loss for women, building muscle is a large contributor to maximizing the effectiveness of your fat loss efforts.  To build that muscle you need to eat food for your energy so your body can perform the work necessary to lift the weight to build the muscle.  Otherwise, no energy = no work.  In short that means that starving yourself doesn’t isn’t going to do it.  (Besides, starving for fat loss actually has the opposite effect of losing fat that we’ll discuss in a different article.)

On top of that, certain types of food in certain proportions at certain times of the day provide more of a benefit in getting quick fat loss results when it comes building muscle and expediting a reduction in fat.  That means eat this much of this type of food at these times.

In addition, there is the weight training for fat loss that is necessary.  No, there is no cheating in those exercises…not if you’re looking for extreme fat loss results.  So that means work outs are a…excuse my French, but bitch at least on a few if not more of the training sessions.  (Even as motivated as I was, to lose fat, I didn’t always look forward to the fat loss training that needed to be done.)

So the bottom line is that you have to really be disciplined on your diet/nutrition and you absolutely have to stay regimented with your workouts putting forth high intensity effort the majority of the time.

If you do that, you will see the extreme fat loss via a drop in pounds and loss of inches on your body that you so desperately want.

What’s the Extreme Fat Loss Diet Program About

I am just like you in that I am always looking for results and ways to improve my physique, which is why I did try the Xtreme Fat Loss Program when it first came out.  Based on my own personal experience, I wanted to give a review of that program so you could see what it is about and find out if it is right for you.

To do that, let’s begin with the premise of the program.  It’s essentially a fat loss plan that lasts 25 days.  In that course of time, if you follow everything to a “T” including the specifically designed fat loss diet and exercise plan, you could lose 25 pounds.

The diet plan consisted of specifically portioned amounts of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats to be consumed each day for five days.  That five days equals one cycle and there are five cycles in the total program…hence a 25 day program.

In addition to the diet, there is a detailed fat loss workout plan.  Each routine is specifically designed to maximize the use of the nutrients consumed on each specific day thereby maximizing your muscle building and fat burning abilities.  The workouts include resistance and cardio training and intensity progresses as you get farther into the program.

Ultimately, the goal of the program is to combine the use of exercise and diet to help you lose one pound of fat for each day of the 25 day program.  This is a pretty huge task and is not the typical fat loss rate that is promoted which is why the program is called Xtreme Fat Loss.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program Review

There are many pluses to this program that I really liked and what I considered to be the pros:


  • This is a fundamentally based program that follows the science of fat loss rules of calories in verses calories out
  • The diet does include almost a mandatory cheat day one day out of the 5 in each cycle.
  • The exercise plan is very detailed with pictures, descriptions, and video links for instructions on how to perform them.
  • On-line help available to answer all of your questions.
  • The price of the program is very reasonable and falls right in line with all of the fat loss programs available on the market today.
  • Doing the work and following the plan will provide results
  • This program is backed by trusted industry professionals who have personally used it to lose fat and get results
  • The creator acknowledges the extreme nature of fat loss at this rate, and the certain risk involved and cautions against not carrying out the program for longer than 25 days for health reasons.


  • Diet doesn’t give actual meals for each day – but it does give detailed descriptions on food types and amounts that are simple enough to figure out a proper meal plan.  Plus, for those who like to venture off the “beaten path,” this also allow for variations to your meals instead of a regimented menu
  • Nutrient supplementation is a part of the program and the cost seems a little high.  However, that cost may fit right into your monthly food budget.  For me the price was more than my normal food budget calls for, but after contacting the company I learned that substitutions can be made which lowered the price considerably.
  • Each cycle has a fast day – however it’s preceded by a cheat/treat day so that makes it easier to handle
  • Losing weight to this extreme is very difficult – yet even if the program isn’t followed to 100% perfection, you can still get great results .
  • Not all exercises have a video link attached – however a quick search on www.YouTube.com will reveal a video that shows how to perform the exercise in question.

Now having said all of this, I’ll be one of the first to say this program isn’t for everyone.  It takes a determined and strong-willed mindset for someone to put in the effort and commitment necessary to follow it.

For myself, while I was able to follow most of it, I couldn’t quite squeeze in all the workouts required and I didn’t manage my total caloric intake as well as I should have.  Still, despite all of that I managed to drop 6lbs of fat and I actually added some muscle.  (Please notice I specified fat loss, not just “weight loss” which could be merely water weight.)  And as you’re probably pretty well aware; losing 6 pounds of fat in 25 days is nothing to shake a stick at.  J  So overall, with these numbers and the changes I actually saw in my body when I looked in the mirror, I was pretty happy with the results.

extreme fat loss dietIf you’re ready to pursue your goal of losing fat and feel like taking on the challenge of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program, you can gain access to it by clicking here!  And knowing all of this information and making the decision to give it a try, I say, “You go girl!”  And I’m here to support you all the way.  In fact, if you have any questions at all about the program, I would be glad to share my experience with it in hopes that it will help you in completing the program.  Just leave your question in the comment section below.

Otherwise, here’s wishing you the best in any fat loss program you take on whether it’s the “Xtreme Fat Loss Diet” Program or not.

I would love to hear your thoughts either on this program, other fat loss programs for women that are mentioned on this site, or even concept of extreme fat loss, just please share them below.

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