Fat Loss Success –Necessary Mentality for Taking the First Step in Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Fat Loss Success-The First Steps to Gaining the Winning Edge

Have you ever admired someone who has achieved fat loss success?  It’s really not a surprise if you have.  After all, losing weight IS a big deal.

fat loss successIt’s big because fat loss for women takes a lot of effort.  Dropping weight and getting rid of unwanted fat is hard work!

Heck, if it were easy…we’d all be dropping the pounds, shedding the fat, and displaying that show-off body that deep down we all would love to have.

But the thing is…and tell me if I’m wrong, one of the biggest struggles in achieving fat loss success is in taking that first initial step.

Of course, that initial step begins when we make a change in ourselves.  And change…well, show me one person who loves change and I’ll show you a thousand people who would eat hamburgers 100 days in a row just to avoid trying that new fat free dinner meal made of tofu and brown rice.  For them, the only change they want is what the cashier gives when the charge is $6.99 and a $20.00 is what is handed over for payment.

Are you feelin’ me with that?

Oh, I do understand.  Believe me; I certainly don’t roll out a big “change” welcome wagon when it comes time to do things differently.  But the truth is…when it comes to achieving fat loss success and redesigning your body, change is a necessity.

However, having said that, change doesn’t have to be a big scary monster hiding in the closet.  Change can actually be a friend when it comes to obtaining your weight loss goals.
The next question then becomes, how do you go about turning the idea of “change” into a motivator rather than some threatening dark shadow lurking about you everywhere you go?

How to Think About Weight Loss Success

The best way to turn change from foe to friend stems from how we think about and approach the issue.  From my own experience and what I have heard from many of my friends who have created their own fat loss success story, they are two things you can do to ease the worry and fear change can bring.

The first way is how to approach change.  Take a positive approach by looking at the results that change will bring.  Consider the possibilities that can come from change.

Is there a size 4 dress in the department store window you would just love to strut around in if only you wore a size 4?  Would you love to run around playing with your kids or even grandkids all day?  How about the 5K that you keep wishing you could participate in, or even that day you can stand in front of a mirror naked…maybe even your lover and feel really good about how you look?  Even going to the doctor and getting a clean bill of health and seeing the weight drop on the dreaded scale you get weighed on?

Those and many more are all valid positive reasons to take the first step in going after your fat loss success plan.  Focus on those wonderful results that will come and how they will make you feel when you take that first step.

Another way to think about change for succeeding in your fat loss goals is to realize that there is more pain in not changing and taking the first steps than there is pleasure in not changing.

Providing an example may describe this better.  So please allow me to explain…
Let’s say it’s decision time on whether to eat the calorie laden fried chicken and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy and a biscuit with a thick slab of butter or grilled chicken with a side of fresh vegetables for dinner.  Both are great dishes.  And Lord knows your taste buds would get great pleasure from that fried flavor of chicken and potatoes.

But that pleasure is only momentary.  What happens after you’ve finished eating the meal?

The guilt sets in doesn’t it?  You knew you could have chosen the healthier lower calorie meal that would have kept you on the path to your weight loss goals.  But no, you went for the meal that instead took you farther from gaining your own fat loss success…

And the guilt doesn’t stop there.  Because there is still the evening when you’re changing into your nightgown and you see that fat person, probably even fatter now since eating over a 1,000 calories in one sitting.  And how sexy are you feeling at that moment?

What about the next morning when you put your clothes on and they are tighter than when you wore them last week.  Sure, you’d like to blame the dryer for making them shrink…but you know deep down what the real truth is…

Then the guilt leads to you beating yourself up one more time.  Thoughts like, once more you have failed.  You’re never going to lose weight.  You’ll be fat forever.  And so on, and so on.
(I know this story all to well and I share it with you because I’ve lived it myself.)

When you’re at that point, the pain of not changing, in this case your eating habits, is much worse than the brief pleasure that comes from repeating the same old behavior.

But this concept can apply to any part of your fat loss success plan.  Think about commitment ot exercising, not giving up even when you think nothing is happening and you’re not losing weight, etc.

In fact this concept can apply to achieving any goal in life!

One bonus idea about how to address change to achieve your fat loss success is simply in your outlook on change.  Change has brought many wonderful things and new adventures to millions of people around the world.

Where would we be today if we still thought the world was flat and never changed our view on that?

Also, when it comes to change, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  Start small and see how things go.  Change what doesn’t work…keep what does.

Creating Your Own Fat Loss Success Story

Consider this scenario.  This could be your story…

You want  to lose weight and get rid of fat, maybe drop a couple of dress sizes.  In fact you’ve wanted that for sometime, but other things, especially your love for food, has gotten in the way of doing something about it.

The 1st step is taking action.

You start realizing you’re feeling run down, you don’t feel that comfortable about how you look, and your health check-ups aren’t coming out as good as they once were.  You’re confidence level is at nearly an all time low and you realize you aren’t as happy as you used to be.

You’re not looking forward to having to make changes, but the current path your on is an even worse option.   So to get excited you start seeing your future after you’ve achieved fat loss success.

You look good in an old pair of jeans, that a couple months ago you couldn’t fit into.  You’re smiling again because you feel good about yourself and what you’ve accomplished.  You have more energy, and the doctor gives you a clean bill of health.

Keeping that future in mind, you start slow by cutting back on some of the bad high calories.  You start to workout a few days a week by walking and maybe picking up some light weights.  You try some new healthier recipes keeping the ones you like and avoiding those you don’t.

And you stick with your fat loss program, day after day making these small positive changes.

Before you know it, your fat loss diet has become a lifestyle all about enjoying healthy food on a continuous basis and treating yourself to something you really enjoy on a rare occasion.  You consistently exercise 3 to 4 days a week putting in a decent amount of effort to get a good workout in.

After a couple of weeks, you start feeling good about yourself.  After a couple more, you begin to see real progress…real results.  After 6 weeks, you’ve established a healthy lifestyle and truly reached you goals and achieved real fat loss success that all started with taking one step and seeing the positive side of change.

This could be you…This could be your weight loss success story, just begin with that first step.  Oh, and e-mail me with any comments or questions you may have on how to achieve fat loss success.

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