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Fat Loss Success Stories – My personal Journey of  Transformation

Hi!  This is Jolene from  (Sorry, I know this is where you would normally see an after picture of my body, but to be honest…I don’t have one. It was never that important for me to take one. Although I do realize that photos of changed bodies from losing fat are very inspirational.  Plus, a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to truly appreciating success stories about losing weight.  I will work on getting one soon.)

fat loss for womenIn the meantime, I wanted to share my experience with weight loss in hopes that it can be some encouragement and inspiration for you to help you achieve your fat loss goals and get a body you can finally be happy with or better yet…transform your figure and get the body you’ve always dreamed of having.

See, I too have struggled with my weight and it’s a struggle I’ve dealt with since I was a little girl.  I believe that fat loss for women is something most of us, if not all, females have struggled with at some point in their lives.

My biggest issue in trying to lose fat and reduce my weight is with my eating and knowing what fat loss training I needed to do.  I didn’t know the specific information I needed regarding my diet and exercise routine that would help me achieve my fat loss goals.

So I went to back to school.  I took some personal training courses and got certified through my local community college.  I also took some nutrition courses and learned about healthy nutrition.

Fat Loss Success Tips

The biggest differences came when I changed my mindset.  See, I had tried dieting…several times and flat out, dieting just didn’t work.  So my new philosophy was just that I wanted to be healthy and fit.  That’s when I changed not only what I ate but how I ate as well.  That did work for me.  That’s was gave me my results.

Not only did I change my eating habits but I also started exercising.  I wasn’t in the gym for long hours either.  I started out slow and built up to my current routine.  Now I go to the gym because I’ve seen the rewards of exercising and that’s what makes me actually enjoy it.  I still have my days where I’d rather not go and on occasion I don’t.  🙂  But my new lifestyle now incorporates a habit of healthy eating and exercise.  And my body is thanking me for it.

As a result of those courses and what I learned about healthy nutrition and exercise, I dropped my body fat percentage from 34% down to 22%.  I built muscle and lost 20lbs overall.  When that happened I was feeling great…and looking pretty good too.

But my journey isn’t over.  I still have fitness goals one of which is to reduce my body fat percentage even further.  The good news is I’m more than half way there.

Because of the difference I know losing fat, getting toned, fit, and healthy has made in my life, I want to help others achieve their goal to get rid of fat.  That’s what this “fat loss for women” site is all about.  To help others find the happiness of reaching their fitness and fat loss goals…and getting a body they love.

Fat loss for women doesn’t have to be impossible.  We just need the right information to make it happen.  That information is now available at this site.

So here’s to your fat loss success.  And if you have any comments or questions about fat loss for women, please let me know in the comment field below. I would also love to add more fat loss success stories!!!


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