How Sugar Sabotages Your Fat Loss Efforts…and Your Health

When it comes to my personal eating habits that get in the way of meeting my fat loss goals, sugar consumption is my biggest foe.  I have a major sweet tooth that began way back when I was just a little girl.  It started with consuming spoonfuls of table sugar and escalated from there.  The largest offenders are candy and chocolate.

Now-a-days though, I am becoming more aware of the impact of sugar and its impact on the ability to lose fat.  As a result, I’m changing my nutrition to incorporate a healthy fat loss diet and cut out as much sugar as possible.

New reports are now coming out to reveal the true effect of sugar on fat loss. And the truth is quite surprising.

The video above is bringing to light the real effect of sugar on our fat loss attempts. Beyond that though, sugar is not just impacting our obesity levels, it has a much larger negative impact to our overall health. Here are some key points of the presentation:

  • No longer is it about “calories in vs. calories out”
  • Reducing fat in your diet is not enough, in fact it’s been the contributing factor in the increase in sugar consumption
  • Sugar contributes to insulin resistance
  • Insulin resistance contributes to fat loss
  • Sugar is addictive
  • Sugar…contributes to heart disease by increasing LDL cholesterol

A follow up video from CBS news to supplement this information can be seen here…“Is Sugar Toxic?”


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