How Women Lose Body Fat

How women lose body fat

how to lose body fat for womenHow women lose body fat and the science behind it seems to be a mystery to nearly any woman who has tried it.

Is it a question you’ve asked yourself?  Good news!  This article is here to help because we here at want you to achieve fat loss success.

The way women lose body fat is achieved by putting 3 concepts together.  It is the combination of these 3 concepts that allows for success in your efforts.  And though you are probably aware of the 3 concepts, having them reiterated in this article will be a helpful reminder.

The 1st thing and foremost key component of fat loss for women and how women lose body fat is through diet and nutrition.

Your diet plays a HUGE role in having success in your efforts to lose body fat.  What you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat dictates your measure of success in burning fat.  Consistency in maintaining good nutrition habits will also mandate how successful your ability to lose fat will be.

The second component to fat loss for women is exercise.

Your exercise habits first of all have to be consistent just like your nutrition habits do.  And secondly, despite the myth about easy fat loss exercise, to be honest…there is no such thing as anything regarding how women lose body fat being easy.  Exercise for fat loss is hard work, that is if you want results sometime in the near future and not years down the road.

The third component to fat loss for women is staying committed and not giving up.

It is typical human nature for women to say their program isn’t working or they just can’t lose weight after 2 weeks of trying.  That’s even if you wait that long before commenting that the process isn’t working.

Have you ever experienced that problem?  You’ve been on a fat loss program for 2 weeks and the scale says you haven’t lost a pound.  There and then you give in.  The program doesn’t work, fat loss is impossible, or…you may even believe you’re just incapable losing weight.

If that’s the case, I can assure you that you’re not alone.  Nearly every women goes through that ordeal.  I can also assure you that you can lose fat and your program does work, you simply need to give it the time fat loss for women requires and the effort it needs in order to ensure success.

Now, there are other components of a woman’s fat loss journey that are extremely important as well that deserve attention are as a result are duly noted.  Those components are sleep for fat loss, support system of family and friends, (for some) a cheat day :), etc.  But for the purposes of this article on how women lose body fat, we’ll stop the the 3 concepts that give some of the most bang for their buck when it comes to fat loss for women.

Putting these 3 concepts together is how women lose body fat.



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