Reducing Fat – the 5 Not-so Essential Essentials for Female Fat Loss

reducing fatHave you struggled with your efforts in reducing fat? I ask even though I know that for 99% of the women out there, myself included, the answer is yes.

Well, that’s kind of good news isn’t it? That means you’re not alone. The problem is that knowing you’re not alone still doesn’t get you to your goal of fat loss. This I absolutely understand, especially when I have felt this way so many times myself.

However, as the title of this article says there are what I call “not-so essential” essentials to female fat loss that I really think you and all women in general need to be aware of when it comes to losing weight. I would like to share them here. Hopefully, you’ll find this information helpful to you in your journey.

Before I share them though, I wanted to explain what I mean by “not-so essential” essentials. These are the items that aren’t often referred to by the weight loss gurus as a necessity for reducing fat and decreasing your weight…you know what I mean?

It’s like you’ll always hear about the diet and exercise routines. The things that are pretty much absolute musts. And while I would absolutely agree that following an appropriate diet and exercise routine is a requirement for dropping the weight, I think there are other things that go with it along the way that will give you a HUGE push and needed motivation to help fill in the blanks.

That’s what I want to cover here.

The first weight loss “not so essential” essential we already just covered. That one I believe is knowing that you’re not alone. Even though it seems as though you’re the only person on a fat loss journey who has ever experienced what you are going through, I can assure you that nearly every single other woman who has tried to lose excess weight has also felt the same things, said the same things…did the same things.

Having said this, that doesn’t mean that what you’re experiencing isn’t important or individual to you, it just means that others have gone through it as well. Simply knowing that this experience is shared among all who take is journey can provide comfort and some relief as well as encouragement and motivation.

And so no…you’re not a freak. ;0)

Here are the other 4 “not-so essential” essentials:


  • Buddy – someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, a person to vent to…and more. You know in my journey through fat loss, I found that having a buddy you can turn to and just say, “Wow, I blew it today and didn’t go workout or telling her that I am really struggling with sugar or chocolate, (my big downfalls) today goes a long wait to keeping you from draggin’ yourself down and beating yourself up over your diet blunders.

Another thing though that they can do is be your motivation to get you to the gym when you don’t feel like working out or even keep you on the straight and narrow with your diet when you feel like cheating…especially if he or she goes to lunch with you. (That has helped me on many occasions simply because the temptation for a high calorie meal is too great.)
Cheat meal/day, unless you can’t get back on the wagon afterward – I found this to be a biggie personally. Diets usually give a strong feeling of denial and sacrifice. It’s the tendency that you must forego or give up things that wreak havoc on your weight loss mind set.

When you allow yourself a cheat day or meal, you know you won’t forever be without chocolate, sugar, chips, etc. That helps remove the anxiety that comes with the thought that restriction, going without, or not being able to partake, brings. Keeping in mind however the caveat those goes with this which is that you can get back on the wagon when the cheat meal is over.

(A quick note about the cheat day/meal – in some cases a cheat meal is almost a requirement to replenish depleted glycogen stores in the muscle and help weight loss continue to progress.)


  • Measure – motivation is everything…or, almost everything when it comes to reducing fat. I mean, let’s face it. If you’re not motivated to go on a diet, exercise, get proper rest, etc., losing fat is simply just not going to happen. Measuring can provide that motivation.


Because it helps you see results. When a scale with a number doesn’t show any changes, seeing a tape with a smaller waist measurement will. And those results are SUPER motivating. That motivation has the effect of like when a male and female rabbit gets together. It just keeps multiplying. Seeing changes keeps you motivated to keep on track, keep moving you forward, and may even help you accelerate your efforts. At least that’s been the case for me and I believe it will be for you too!


  • Support system – having people around you to talk to, encourage you, comfort you, and understand you is so important when it comes to taking on this journey. And while a buddy is more personal, a support system can bring together a network of people who can help each other along the way.

Support systems can be your family, circle of friends, members of weight loss organizations, people of forums. They are typically always available to help and always around to give the encouragement and support you need along your path.

  • Love yourself – patience & forgiveness (guilt is a cruel adversary)- Wow, I cannot tell you how important this one is. If you should stumble or fall along the way, it’s okay. If you’re progress is slow, it’s okay. If you have a bad day and you’re just not where you want to be on your journey…IT’S OKAY.

The best way to make it to your final destination is by loving yourself along the path. While getting frustrated, sometimes disappointed, or even downright disgusted with yourself may sometimes happen, if you ultimately love yourself along the way you’ll find more happiness during AND after your journey. You’ll stay on the path and be absolutely ecstatic with your results once you’ve met your fat loss goals.

I’d love to hear what things you have found to be important contributors for you in reducing fat and dropping weight.  Please share your comments below.

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