Weight Lifting for Fat Loss – 3 Keys of Resistance Training to Burn Fat, Lose Weight and Get Toned

Weight Lifting for Fat Loss

weight lifting for fat lossThere are a lot of myths when it comes to weight lifting for fat loss…especially when it comes to women.  This article is going to destroy those myths.  In doing so, you’ll finally be able to take advantage of all the benefits of fat loss for women that come with lifting weights.  That includes a decrease in fat and redesigning your body.

To begin, can I ask you a question.  How much weight do you lift?  When it comes to bicep curls, is it 8lbs, 10lbs, 15…more?

What do you think would happen if you curled 20lb dumbbells in your weight lifting routine?  Does the idea of biceps bigger than your boyfriend‘s or husband’s arms come to mind?  Do you see the body of “Xena-Warrior Princess” with your head on it?

In order to cover the first key in weight lifting for fat loss, let’s start by putting to rest one of the biggest myths of all.  When it comes to fat loss weight lifting, there is an idea that females will gain HUGE amounts of muscle.  That can’t be farther from the truth.

While it’s true that women will add lean muscle mass, the size and amount of muscle is actually extremely limited.  To create the kind of body that would make you the “Incredible Hulk’s” perfect match, you have to train considerably longer than what a weight lifting for fat loss program would require. Plus, you’d have to consume the same type of harmful supplementations, like steroids, that men do to produce those kinds of results.

The genetic make-up of women simply just doesn’t allow for us to build a lot of muscle bulk naturally.  And for the women who have built a large amount of muscle naturally, it was possible because the focus of their exercise training was to achieve such a goal.

So girlfriend, go ahead and lift that heavier weight because there are a lot of pluses to doing it.  Here are a couple of them.

Added lean body mass and changing your body composition weight, helps to increase your metabolic rate.  (Are you shaking you head and asking, “Say what?”)

In layman’s terms what that means is, when you add muscle, and lower your body fat percentage, your body works more like a fine tuned machine.  In doing so, decreased fat and increased amounts of muscle burns more calories and ultimately cuts more fat on a daily basis.

The other benefit that comes with altering body composition to reduce fat and “get toned,” is that the body looks better.  A fit, healthy looking body is so much more attractive than one that looks like a walking skeleton.  That appearance is simply a skinny fat person.

The second key to weight lifting for fat loss is the progression and speed used when lifting weights.  In other words, not only must you lift a heavier weight, but the movements must be constant with little rest between exercises.  This can be considered a form of cardio weight training.

Performing movements like this increases the intensity of your workout to cause an elevated heart rate and boosts your metabolism.  The results being that you burn more calories during the weight lifting session.

In addition, your higher intensity efforts bring about calorie burning benefits that extend long term.  This means that the harder you work for longer periods of time, the more time it takes for your body to return to normal, and the more calories you burn during that process.

In comparison, a fairly low to moderate intensity workout for a short duration…say 30 minutes, will burn extra calories.  However, when your workout is done, so is the end of the “extra” calorie burning as well.

The final key to weight lifting for fat loss is the application of the proper form while performing the exercises.  What that means is the way the weight is being lifted and the execution of the exercise.

Three things are essential in ensuring the proper form of the exercise in order for it to be effective and get the most benefit from the work.  They are:

  • Controlled moves–avoid using momentum as a way to lift the weight and contract the muscle.  Control your movements throughout the routine and make your muscles work from the beginning to end of each exercise.  Don’t rest the weight on your body or in a neutral position on a machine between sets.  Keep muscles constantly working by only using momentary pauses between each repetition.
  • Full range of motion-make sure that the lifting and releasing of the weight in your exercise covers the full range of movement.  For example, a flat bench chest press using dumbbells would have you lowering the weight until it is brought down to the side of your rib cage and lifted all the way until your arms are fully extended without locking out the elbows.
  • Proper position of hands on free weights and proper set-up for body on machine weights-The reason for identifying this form is to avoid injury while still making the muscle work the most effectively.  One example to describe this is with the lat pulldown.  You’ll want to sit in a relatively upright position and pull the bar down in front of you and not behind your neck.  Pulling the bar behind your neck can cause injury to your neck or spine and sitting in a greater than 90 degree angle changes the primary muscles being worked.

And when it comes to machines, in many cases the hinges on the machines are position points to line up the “hinges” on your body.  Consider this when using preacher curl machine.  Your elbows should line up with where the “hinge” or pin sits that allows the handle to move up and down.

For effective weight loss methods, along with doing cardio exercise, incorporating resistance training is essential.  Follow these keys and watch how weight training for fat loss can accelerate your results.

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